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UPDATE 6/8/15: Gene Woolsey - a powerful, vocal and unflinching force of nature in the O.R. community for several decades - passed away earlier this year. In the June issue of OR/MS Today, former students, colleagues and friends recall the life and times of the unforgettable professor, provocateur and patron saint of O.R. practical applications. Given Dr. Woolsey's historical impact on the profession, it's fitting that the issue also includes an article on the "useful history" of operations research and what the future may hold.

Other highlights from the June issue:

  • Ag firm Syngenta earns Edelman
    'Good growth through advanced analytics' project cuts development costs, produces better crops in an environmentally responsible manner. [OPEN ACCESS]

  • Software Survey: Linear Programming
    Thirteenth in a series of LP surveys highlights trends toward mobile computing, cloud computing and optimization. [OPEN ACCESS]

  • Probability as a reality show
    With interest in probability and statistics flourishing, time is ripe for a reality-based class exposing students to operations research. [MEMBERS ONLY ARTICLE]

  • Wargamers explore 'forbidden options'
    Russia's Gotland Gambit: New twist allows players to explore alternative decisions in a freer environment in simulated conflict. [MEMBERS ONLY ARTICLE]

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Global Optimization in Nonlinear Systems

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