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Posted: 7/3/02

Telecom Section Presents Prize

The first Ph.D. Dissertation Prize for Operations Research in Telecommunications was jointly awarded to Andreas Eisenblätter of Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum (KZZ) für Informationstechnik in Berlin, Germany, and Fan Zhang of the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department, Columbia University. The co-winners' theses were on "Frequency Planning in GSM Networks: Models, Heuristics, and Lower Bounds," and "Predictive Detection in Web Server Using Light and Heavy-Tailed Time Series," respectively.

The competition took place at the Sixth INFORMS Telecommunications Conference in Boca Raton, Fla.

A third dissertation submitted by Andrew Ross of the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at Lehigh University received honorable mention for the quality of its applications in telecommunications. Corinne Feremans of Universiteit Maastricht, Arie Koster of KZZ, Berlin, and Yu Liu of OPNET Technologies were all finalists.

The selection was made by a panel of five researchers in OR and telecommunications from both industry and academia. The panel, headed by the Technical Section on Telecommunication Chairperson Iraj Saniee of Bell Labs Research, included Daniel Bienstock of Columbia University, Robert Cooper of Florida Atlantic University, Robert Doverspike of AT&T Labs-Research, Debasis Mitra of Bell Labs Research, Lucent Technologies and Jeff Kennington of Southern Methodist University.

The award, which recognizes outstanding achievements of young people in the field, includes a $1,000 prize funded by the INFORMS Technical Section on Telecommunications. The award is given every other year at the INFORMS TST Telecommunications Conference and is based on three criteria: the relevance of thesis to OR and telecommunications, recommendation by the nominee's thesis advisor and presentation of the thesis at the conference.

For further information about this award visit http://www.informs.org/Conf/Telecom02/dissertation.html.

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