OR/MS Today

October 1996 - Volume 23 - Number 5

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Table of Contents


Inside Story


Issues in Education
-- Up-to-date coverage of INFORMED (INFORMS Forum on Education) and other issues facing OR/MS educators.

Profile --
A close-up look at some of the more intriguing personalities in the OR/MS community.


Cyberspace --
A detailed look at Internet resources for OR/MS practitioners and educators.

Practictioner's Page

Practice Lesson -- Geared toward practitioners, this section presents the lessons learned and pitfalls encountered by Franz Edelman Award finalists during the course of their work..

Real World -- A compendium of news items of interest to the academic, engineering, industrial and technology fields.

Calendar -- Information about upcoming events involving operations research and/or management science.

Information Showcase

Call for Papers
-- Details regarding operations research/management science events for which papers are sought in order to be presented and/or published.

New Books -- A round-up of new publications of interest to the operations research/management science field.

Industry Update -- Business news, products, and software upgrades and updates are presented here with an angle toward practitioners and academics in operations research and management science.

Classified -- click here to find out how to advertise in our next issue's classified section.

Washington Report -- An inside-the-beltway view of issues affecting the OR/MS community.


Keys to the White House
By Doug Samuelson
"Quantitative historian" Allan Lichtman employs classic OR to predict presidential elections

Flying Scared
By Robert E. Machol
How much spending on air safety and security makes sense?


New Approaches to Management Science
By Stephen G. Powell
From modeling to multimedia: How to teach difficult technical skills to skeptical students

Integration: The Web and a College Curriculum
By Michael Bartolacci
NJIT's School of Industrial Management identifies opportunities, problems during ambitious project

Managing to Teach Consulting
By Yasemin Aksoy
MBA class presents new opportunities to introduce applied operations research

2014: An Education Odyssey
By Paul Penfield and Richard C. Larson
MIT's future lies in a world of long-distance learning, multimedia and no chalk


Software Review: MATLAB
By John J. Hutchinson
Interactive mathematical package offers high-performance numeric computing and visualization


Last Call for Atlanta
President's Desk
Subdivisions Report
People in the News
Applied Probability Award
INFORMS Meetings

Special Sections

Vendor Guide
A listing of exhibitors and software tutorials scheduled for INFORMS' Atlanta meeting

OR/MS Resource Directory
A "Yellow Pages" for the OR/MS community filled with software vendors and company profiles

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