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October 1997 • Volume 24
•Number 5

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    Computing Trends
    Digging for Value in a Mountain of Data
    By Stephen Pass
    Knowledge gleaned from patterns, trends and relationships among data result in more effective management of business
    Journey Management
    By Patrick Bitauld, et al.
    IBM and Air Canada team up to develop a simulation model aimed at delivering a positive experience to airline passengers as they proceed through airport processes.
    Simulation Goes Mainstream
    By James J. Swain
    Popular methodology is becoming increasingly integrated within the decision-making of many organization's significant operations.
    Software Survey: Simulation
    A side-by-side comparison of 46 software packages for discrete event systems simulation, focusing on product features, price and platform.
    Optimization on the Internet
    By Joseph Czyzyk, Jonathan H. Owen and Stephen J. Wright
    Ambitious NEOS project aims to connect users of optimization technology and provide them with problem-formulating information and software.
    Software Review: Sibyl/Runner
    By Andrew Flitman
    Users proficient in time-series analysis should find forecasting tool quite valuable.

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