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December 1996 - Volume 23 - Number 6

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  • Inside Story

  • Letters

  • Issues in Education -- Up-to-date coverage of INFORMED (INFORMS Forum on Education) and other issues facing OR/MS educators.

  • ORacle

  • Cyberspace -- A detailed look at Internet resources for OR/MS practitioners and educators.

  • Practice Lesson -- Geared toward practitioners, this section presents the lessons learned and pitfalls encountered by Franz Edelman Award finalists during the course of their work.

  • Principles of OR -- Descriptive tales of OR practice, new and old.

  • Real World -- A compendium of news items of interest to the academic, engineering, industrial and technology fields.

  • Calendar -- Information about upcoming events involving operations research and/or management science.

  • Call for Papers -- Details regarding operations research/management science events for which papers are sought in order to be presented and/or published.

  • New Books -- A round-up of new publications of interest to the operations research/management science field.

  • In Memoriam: Paul Erdös

  • Industry Update -- Business news, products, and software upgrades and updates are presented here with an angle toward practitioners and academics in operations research and management science.

  • Classified -- click here to find out how to advertise in our next issue's classified section.

  • Washington Report -- An inside-the-beltway view of issues affecting the OR/MS community.



The Road Not Taken
By Erhan Erkut
Canadian case study: Decision-support systems provide sound direction for transportation of hazardous materials.

Energy vs. the Environment
By Benjamin F. Hobbs
Exploring the tradeoffs with OR/MS: A fertile source of challenges to the profession.

Gas Model Engine
By Steven A. Gabriel
From reservoir to burner tip: Optimization-based strategic planning tool models North American natural gas market.

Special Delivery
By Michael D. Lasky and C. Teo Balbach
How sophisticated software helps United States Postal Service sort out complex problems.

The Virtual Society
By Paul Gray and Magid Igbaria
Where will OR/MS stake its claim in a world of changing social structures and business organizations.


Software Review: ModelMaker
By Anthony R. Vanchieri
Cherwell Scientific Publishing product offers one-stop modeling, simulation and analysis.

Forecasting Software Survey
By Jack Yurkiewicz
A rundown of the fast-growing discipline, including a side-by-side comparison of 18 packages.
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