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OR/MS Today
December 1997 • Volume 24
Number 6

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    Sense and Sensitivity Analysis
    By Jonathan Caulkins
    An operations research perspective on the illicit drug economy, related crimes and punishment. Landmark study models the effectiveness of mandatory minimum drug sentences.
    Sophisticated Crude Transportation
    By Emmanuel D. Chajakis
    Recent advances in petroleum supply modeling deliver significant savings. Marine logistics look for an optimal tradeoff between customer service and cost reductions.
    It's Cool, But Is It Worthwhile?
    By Douglas A. Samuelson
    Overwhelmed by information and a continuous diet of meetings, a federal agency turns to information technology. But does it help? Measuring the benefits of technological upgrades.
    Profit Navigation
    By Vitaly Pyrih
    Models chart path for retailers to maximize profits through product mix management. Aided by data mining, market-basket analysis and other techniques, new strategies boost the bottom line. Computing
    Software Review
    By Ashutosh V. Deshmukh
    ModelQuest Expert 1.0: Reliable and fast data mining using statistical networks.
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    A "yellow pages" for the OR/MS community: Listings of software vendors and consultants.

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