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February • Volume 36
Number 1

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    Can Data Mining Turn Up Terrorists?
    By John Hollywood, Kevin Strom and Mark Pope
    Probably not, but operations research can still play a role in helping to uncover terrorist plots.
    Change We Can Blog In
    By Douglas A. Samuelson
    How President Obama plans to use online social networking to help him govern.
    O.R. Credentialing
    By Scott Nestler and Jennifer Leong
    What is it and should INFORMS pursue a credentialing program?
    What's My Line?
    By Jerry Banks
    Will the real marketing guru — Philip Kotler — please stand up?

    Statistical Software Survey
    By James J. Swain
    Long way from flip charts: Biennial survey of statistical software highlights growing list of capabilities.
    2009 Statistical Software Survey

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    Global Optimization in Nonlinear Systems

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