February 1996 € Volume 23 € No. 1

New Books

Explorations with Mathcad Series

MathSoft, Inc. has introduced the first six titles in the Explorations with Mathcad series of interactive books with built-in calculation software that gives users the power to understand and solve a wide range of technical problems. Targeted at professors and undergraduate and graduate students, these interactive books provide a reference tool created to enhance learning and meet course requirements.

The Explorations with Mathcad series incorporates MathSoft's Mathcad Engine technology so they can be used independently of Mathcad while retaining its intuitive "live math" environment. This integration of Mathcad's technology provides a wealth of calculation and exploration tools and reference materials that allows users to focus on application-specific content. The user is given immediate access to mathematics, and can perform analyses and the calculations interactively, right in the book.

The first six titles in this series are:

  • "Exploring Numerical Recipes" for engineering, science, math, pre-med, economics and quantitative analysis students, is available on CD-ROM and features over 140 algorithms.

  • "Explorations in Signal Processing" for engineering, science and quantitative analysis students, is available on CD-ROM and features more than 60 useful functions for signal processing.

  • "Queueing Theory" for math, engineering, business, finance, statistics and quantitative analysis students, is available on diskette and covers essential theory and formulas as well as practical examples.

  • "Exploring Statistics: Hypothesis Testing and Data Analysis" for engineering, science, math, pre-med, economics and quantitative analysis students, is available on CD-ROM and is appropriate for a variety of disciplines.

  • "The Essential Roark's" for mechanical and civil engineering students - features thousands of "live" formulas from the classic Roark's formulas for Stress and Strain (6th Edition) along with explanations to help apply the formulas to real design problems.

  • "Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations" for engineering, science, math, pre-med and economics students -- features a complete course on ordinary differential equations that shows students how to put both the theory and the actual equations to use immediately.

    Published by MathSoft.

    Behavior in Organizations -- Fifth Edition

    Understanding how workers adapt to new challenges is integral to a successful organization. The science of organizational behavior (OB) helps researchers comprehend how people operate in organizations and how to manage their behavior if individuals and companies are to flourish.

    This fifth edition of "Behavior in Organizations" offers: increased attention to organizational practices, and uses more examples of contemporary companies; expanded coverage of the growing emphasis on organizational quality; close attention to ethical issues in organizations; and emphasis on future trends in organizational practices.

    Published by Prentice Hall.

    Projected Dynamical Systems and Variational Inequalities with Applications

    The second volume in the International Series in Operations Research & Management Science series, this book introduces a new methodology -- that of "projected dynamical systems theory" -- to enable the understanding and modeling of the interplay of factors and problems arising from competitive systems in the economic world. In particular, the book develops a framework in which to study and analyze dynamic problems ranging from congested urban transportation systems to oligopolistic market equilibrium problems. The book also provides computational procedures to compute solutions to what are typically large-scale problems. In addition, the book discusses implementation of the algorithms on massively parallel computer architectures and is filled with numerical examples.

    This monograph also relates the new approach to existing methodologies, including that of variational inequalities.

    Published by Kluwer Academic Publishers.

    Model Predictive Control in the Process Industry

    Model Predictive Control (MPC) has developed considerably in the last few years, within both the research community and industry. This can be attributed to the fact that MPC is perhaps the most general way of posing the process control problem in the time domain. MPC formulation integrates optimal control, stochastic control, control of processes with dead time, multivariable control and future references when available. Another advantage of MPC is its ability to handle finite control horizon, constraints, and general non-linear processes, which are frequently found in industry.

    This book seeks to fill the gap between the empirical way in which practitioners tend to use control algorithms and the powerful but sometimes abstractly formulated techniques developed by control researchers.

    Published by Springer-Verlag.

    C Programming FAQs

    The success of "C++ FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions indicates that readers in this field are eager for an easy reference guide to C programming. "C Programming FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions" is aimed at professional programmers who need quick, concise answers to the stubborn questions which invariably arise when programming in C. This reference book for the intermediate to advanced C programmer, provides accurate answers, insightful explanations, clarification of fine points, and extensive-code examples. Written by the originator of the Usenet C FAQ, this book addresses the real-world problems on C programming that are asked, again and again, on the comp.lang.c newsgroup.

    C Programming FAQs:
    • Provides concise answers to more than 300 most frequently asked questions;
    • Provides definitively correct answers on issues which are widely misunderstood;
    • Covers the languages as it is in a practical "nuts and bolts" approach
    • Includes over twice as much information as the on-line Usenet/Internet version, including more complete explanations and extensive code samples.
    Published by Addison Wesley.

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