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February 1996 - Volume 23 - Number 1

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  • Inside Story
  • Letters
  • Oracle
  • Cutting Edge -- A sampling of news from the intelligent systems arena.
  • Real World -- A compendium of news items of interest to the academic, engineering, industrial and technology fields.
  • Calendar -- Information about upcoming events involving operations research and/or management science.
  • New Books -- A round-up of new publications of interest to the operations research/management science field.
  • Call for Papers -- Details regarding operations research/management science events for which papers are sought in order to be presented and/or published.
  • Industry Update -- Business news, products, and software upgrades and updates are presented here with an angle toward practitioners and academics in operations research and management science.


Why Are Public Budgets Such a Mess?
By Harold Pollack
There is no separating politics from administration, but managers and politicians can improve things by considering the underlying problems that lead to inefficiency. Three principles that help explain budgetary problems.
Budgeting for Planning & Control
By Richard Sansing
An integral part of the modern business enterprise, budgeting not only aids in the planning process, but it also provides measures that can be used to hold managers accountable for the firm's performance.
Mining for OR
By Michel Manago and Eric Auriol
Case-based reasoning and data mining techniques show their mettle in a number of real-world applications.
Inventory Management Engine
By Alex Bangash, Herbert B. Shulman & Donald R. Smith
For overall inventory level improvement, the relationship among all key drivers -- service levels, supplier lead times, forecast error and component proliferation -- needs to be quantified.


Software Review: ManagePro
By David McClure
Goal-setting "MBA Ware" ideal for busy project managers.
Number Crunching
By James J. Swain
1996 statistics survey: Increased use fueled by growth in computing power.


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