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April 2000 • Volume 27
Number 2

The following table of contents lists articles in the April 2000 print edition of OR/MS Today. You may follow any of the linked titles to read those items in their entirety. For quick navigation you may jump directly to any of the following sections:


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    International OR:
    OR Around the World
    By Andres Weintraub
    An introduction to the International OR issue highlighting the collaboration between INFORMS and IFORS
    Israel: Banking on Analysis
    By Mordecai Greenberg
    Mathematical models make good business at Tel Aviv's Bank Hapoalim
    New Zealand: Optimization Earns Its Wings
    By David M Ryan
    The development of crew scheduling systems for Air New Zealand
    India: Tea Company Steeped in OR
    By Nilotpal Chakravarti
    A model of efficiency: Researchers in India seek to minimize freight cost while satisfying demand, supply and operational constraints
    Spain: Putting the Rush Back in Rush Hour
    By Jaime Barceló
    Intelligent transportation: Microscopic simulation offers a realistic look at various traffic problems and systems
    Brazil: Power Play Goals
    By Laureano F. Escudero and Mario Pereira
    New trends and operations research opportunities in the electricity open market
    Portugal: The Bus Stops Here
    By João Falcão e Cunha and Jorge Pinho de Sousa
    GIST: Decision-support system for public transport planning
    Software Review: ProcessModel
    By Ronald F. McPherson and John D. Munro
    Easy-to-learn simulation package targets people who perform business process improvement

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