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June 1997 - Volume 24 - Number 3

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State of the Profession

Paradox in Paradise
By Peter R. Horner
OR/MS professionals are relatively well paid and secure in their jobs, so why aren't they happy? Revealing results from our annual survey of INFORMS members.
Surrounded by Success
By Douglas A. Gray
"Good" operations research and management science is everywhere if you just look around. A day in the life of an OR/MS practitioner in a non-OR/MS job.
Management Perspectives
By Richard A. Jacobs
Will we ever see "the era of the management scientist?" Building the contribution of, and gaining respect for, operations research in Business America.
Personality Problems
By Douglas A. Samuelson
Studies show that OR professionals cluster into a few personality types, creating "blindspots" in their understanding of others. The answer? More teamwork.


Vehicle Routing Software

On the Road to Efficiency
By Randolph W. Hall & Janice G. Partyka
From route capacities to randomness, vehicle routing software developers must contend with myriad technical potholes that the classic TSP doesn't even consider.
Software Survey
A side-by-side comparison of 20 vehicle routing software packages from 17 different vendors, including performance and pricing information.


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