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August 1997 • Volume 24 • Number 4

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    Ringing Up Big Business
    By Vijay Mehrotra
    A look inside the call center industry, a ubiquitous, dynamic yet little-known industry that is rich with opportunities for quantitative methods and OR/MS professionals.
    The Optimization Engine That Couldn't
    By Moshe Rosenwein
    Despite some successes along the way, an optimization-based engine built to drive the manufacturing planning function at AT&T's consumer electronics products division is abruptly shelved.
    Safety In Numbers
    By Kathleen L. McFadden
    When it comes to air travel, OR/MS models can be used to expand our knowledge of factors in safety and form the basis for setting national and international policies.
    The Rise and Fall of a Ph.D. Candidacy
    By Anthony R. Vanchieri
    Thinking about pursuing a Ph.D. while working full time? Not so fast! Six lessons learned the hard way.
    The Paper Chase, Take Two
    By Stephen J. Bistritz, Ed.D.
    After one false start, the author strikes a balance between family, work and study to earn a doctorate in mid-career.
    Academics & Adventure Overseas
    By Anna Nagurney and Margaret M. Wiecek
    A year in Europe: Perceptions and perspectives on international challenges and opportunities for women in the mathematical sciences and engineering.
    TK Solver Release 3.0
    By Jerry Allison
    Mathematical modeling package is versatile, offers application development capabilities.

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