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The following list is by no means comprehensive. As the old saying goes, "this site is under construction." If you have any suggestions for Internet sites we should list here (be they web or gopher sites, USENET newsgroups, IRC discussion groups, mailing lists, etc.) please don't hesitate to let us know about them. E-mail any pertinent information to Patton McGinley at patton@lionhrtpub.com.

Index of resource types:

INFORMS and associated sites
Other ORMS societies and organizations
Academic sites
Resource sites
Commercial sites
Mailing Lists

NEW (updated 8/5/08):
AIMMS is an advanced development environment for building optimization based operations research applications and advanced planning systems. It is used by leading companies to support decision making in a wide range of industries in areas such as supply chain management, production planning, logistics, forestry planning and risk-, revenue- and asset- management.
INFORMS and Associated Sites:
This is the homepage of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS). The Institute is dedicated to serving all members or the ORMS community (educators, students, scientists, and practitioners) as well as reaching out to the greater community in regard to the practice and research of ORMS. This is accomplished through INFORMS' numerous publications (such as Interfaces and ORMS Today) and conferences.

INFORMS Online features a number of resources, such as: late breaking news about INFORMS; information on INFORMS conferences, publications, regional and SIG subdivisions, and educational material; a searchable database of the bulletin for recent INFORMS meetings; and a searchable membership directory. They also offer numerous links to other ORMS resources.

Interfaces Online
A practice-oriented electronic information service of INFORMS, jointly sponsored by Interfaces, the Council on the Practice of Management Sciences (CPMS), and the Management Science Roundtable (MSR). Practice-oriented resources and announcements, pointers to related online sources of information, recent Interfaces material, a directory of OR/MS consultants, and discussion of practice issues are provided.

Other Societies and Organizations:
The Operational Research Society (ORS) -- Live OR
This site details the activities of the Operational Research Society. Topics on this site include a calendar of upcoming events, information on a career in operations research, links to the ORS library, sister societies and training courses, as well as listings of Internet resources. Internet surfing tips are also provided.
WORMS (World-wide-web for Operations Research and Management Sciences)
An ORMS resource site with a unique sense of humor. Among the ubiquitous Internet site listings there's the "What is OR/MS?" page and "The <more> Campaign." Though a lot of this site is "Under Construction" the outline is very promising and participation is encouraged. Among the numerous site listings are special features such as: information on ASOR (Australian Society for Operation Research); a digest version of the USENET sci.op-research newsgroup; a directory of dissertations; and a list of ORMS software sites for both commerical software and freeware.

American Mathematical Society (AMS)
This site provides information about AMS, its publications, services, meetings and conferences, and has an array of links to mathematics sites on the web.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
The SIAM web site provides information about the society's membership, publications, conferences and SIAM news, as well as other SIAM activities, products and services.

Opt-Net Home Page
The electronic forum for the optimization community formed by the German National Mathematics Society. This web site offers digests of the Opt-Net List back to 1993, has options for joining Opt-Net, and provides links to related sites.

Annals of Operations Research
(Baltzers Science Publishers) Annals of Operations Research publishes refereed conference proceedings or papers as well as contributed papers in defined areas of OR. Topics range from from highly theoretical, to algorithmic and to applied OR. Each volume has one or more guest editors who are responsible for the collection of papers that appear in that volume. All papers are subject to peer refereeing.

Resource Sites:
Michael Trick's Operations Research Page
Michael Trick administers the INFORMS Online site as well as this vast compendium of ORMS related Net sites. If it's about ORMS and it's on the Internet there's a 99.9% probability that it's listed here. The links are broken down into a very helpful subject index. Also featured is a web based, OR discussion group.

Mohan Sondhi's Virtual OR/MS Library
Another useful ORMS resource maintained by the founder of the USENET newsgroup "sci.op-research." Mohan Sondhi's sight provides a subject index of other ORMS related Internet resources (including online bibliographies and ORMS software libraries). He also lists pointers to ORMS societies, university programs, companies, conferences, meetings, and government and non-profit agencies.

Comprehensive collection of industry research, compliments of theSupplyChain.com.

Academic Sites:
Communications Systems and Optimization Laboratory Site at UCLA
This page provides information on communications and telecommunications, as well as how operations research is tied into telecommunications networks. Associated plans of study at the University are also offered. Links to other operations research sites are provided, too.

Constraints Archive
This site features articles, books, hints and reviews concerning the constraints field. FTP sites are also offered, in addition to lists of people, publications, newsgroups and other subjects related to constraints.

Mentor Project
This site details the Mentor Project, a teaching and learning technology project (backed by the Committee of Professors in Operations Research), the aim of which is to produce 17 computer-based modules in a variety of commonly taught OR subjects.

The Mathematical Programming Glossary
Compiled by Dr. Harvey J. Greenberg of the University of Colorado at Denver, the Mathematical Programming Glossary contains terms specific to mathematical programming, along with some terms from other disciplines, notably mathematics, that are directly related to the topic. Also noted is information on the nature of mathematical programming and supplements on alternative systems, duals (and theorems), fixed points, a problem list, cycling in linear programming, degenerate polyhedrons and more.
Operations Research and Industrial Engineering at Cornell University
Information on Cornell University's operations research programs.

Operations Research at Stanford
Information on the university's operations research program and projects. Also featured is the Systems Optimization Laboratory (SOL), which deals with algorithms development, model formulation, software production and theoretical research in large-scale mathematical programming systems; and the Simulation Network, a range of online services for the simulation community.

Operations Research at Massey University
A small but growing site for the OR department of Massey University located in Palmerston North, New Zealand. The site lists information on the OR program's courses as well as research they are currently conducting. Also listed are links to other OR web and ftp sites.

A series of introductory notes on OR topics. Areas covered include OR specific mathematical notation, linear programming, network analysis, stochastic methods and more.

Commercial Sites:
Dash Optimization
Dash's website offers full information on its optimization and modeling software tools. Dash's products provide large scale linear programming, integer programming, and quadratic programming optimization. In addition there are constraint programming and stochastic programming optimizers. The website holds a host of case studies and examples.
Expert Choice
The Expert Choice Inc. World Wide Web homepage offers information about the company's decision support software. Information about the company's methodology, partners, resources, clients and support, as well as relevant seminars is provided. In addition, a discussion forum and newsletter are also provided.

ILOG Optimization Software
ILOG's Web site offers a wealth of information about its software development components. Its products provide generic and ready-to-use features for data visualization, resource optimization and data control. Visitors can learn more about the specific products and the company, order a demo CD ROM, get contact information and much more.
Palisade Corporation
This site features information about Palisade's software; demos for downloading; an on-line order form and registration for customers; and a Technical Support section including a database that users can search to find answers to common questions and problems, as well as the most recent patches to their software. Palisade also offers newsletters, press releases, and technical papers using Adobe Acrobat files.
The Practical Application Company
This UK based company conducts a number of conferences focusing on the application of information technologies. Their site lists upcoming events in Europe and Britain as well as information on past conferences. Topics of future conferences include: intelligent agents, data mining and constraint management technology.
Silicon Graphics Enterprise Optimization
Information on Silicon Graphics Solutions for Operations Research, plus news announcements, a list of software vendors & consultants supporting SGI parallel OR technology, and a comprehensive table of contents to help you find your way through the site.


Note: you must have access to a USENET news server to participate in these resources
This newgroup focuses on discussions of research, teaching, and the application of operations research. It also the point of origin for John Gregory's Linear Programming and Nonlinear Programming FAQs.

Mailing Lists:
This mailing list focuses on the interconnection between operations research and computer science. The list is unmoderated and the topics are wide-ranging. To subscribe, send e-mail to listserv@vm1.ucc.okstate.edu with the following in the body of the message:

subscribe ORCS-L &#60firstname>&#60lastname&#62

NOTE: be sure to remove "<&#62" around your first name and last name.

This is a mailing list maintained by the people responsible for the PRACTICE Online website. It provides an interactive forum for discussing issues pertinent to all MS/OR professionals. POL-LIST is a moderated list and there is usually a delay of a day or two for posted messages. To subscribe send an e-mail message to pol-request@silmaril.smeal.psu.edu with the body of the message containing the single line:


To subscribe to the digest version send mail to pol-lite-request@silmaril.smeal.psu.edu with the body of the message containing the single line:


This moderated mailing list is of interest to anyone involved in mathematic optimization. Although the server is maintained by the Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum fuer Informationstechnik in Berlin, the official language of the group is English. To subscribe, send e-mail to opt-net-request@zib-berlin.de with the subject line containing:


and the the following in the body of the message:

Title: %optional%
MiddleName: %optional%
Department: %optional%
PostalCode: %optional%
Country: %optional%
Phone: <phone_no>|<NONE>
FAX: %optional%
WhitePage: <publish>|<unpublish>
NamePW: <nickname> <password> %optional%

To receive a help file send e-mail to opt-net-request@zib-berlin.de with subject line containing:


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