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February 1998

1995-97 Editorial Index

The following editorial index is designed to help readers and researchers easily locate feature articles, software reviews, software surveys and selected columns that have been published in OR/MS Today since 1995. We have also provided a separate author index for cross-referencing. Note that the author index does not include regular columnists.

The feature articles are arranged by broad subject area, and are listed by date within the subject area. While many of the articles could appear in more than one category, because of space constraints, they are listed only once and then under the most appropriate subject heading. Corrections, additions and updates to this index will be posted to the online version of OR/MS Today.

The software surveys, reviews and columns are listed in order of the date they were published.

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Key: The feature articles list the title of the article (followed, in some instances, by a brief description in parenthesis), author, and the month, year and starting page number (example: February 1995, page 30 = 2/95:30).

Feature Articles

Aviation & Transportation

Managing Airspace (maximize safety, capacity and efficiency of the NAS), Robert E. Machol, 6/95:22

Home for the Holidays (truckload motor carriers balance drivers' needs with customer requirements), Louise Totten and Noha Tohamy, 12/95:24

Flying Scared (air safety and security), Robert E. Machol, 10/96:32

Aviation Dream Team (FAA forms partnerships with academia and industry), Anthony R. Vanchieri, 4/97:38

Safety in Numbers (setting aviation safety standards), Kathleen L. McFadden, 8/97:30

Journey Management (airlines develop simulation model for airport processes), Patrick Bitauld, et al., 10/97:30


Shop Talk (employment trends for 1995 and beyond), Peter R. Horner, 4/95:20

The Lone Ranger (words of wisdom from an OR/MS consultant), Peter R. Horner, 4/95:26

Promising Future, Disappointing Present (OR/MS employment), Douglas A. Samuelson, 4/96:42

Seven Hints for OR Consultants, Harlan P. Crowder, 2/97:20

Paradox in Paradise (annual survey of INFORMS members), Peter R. Horner, 6/97:24

Surrounded by Success (day in the life of an OR/MS practitioner), Douglas A. Gray, 6/97:28

Management Perspectives (gaining respect for OR in Corporate America), Richard A. Jacobs, 6/97:32

Personality Problems (OR professionals cluster into personality types, creating "blind spots"), Douglas A. Samuelson, 6/97:33

The Rise and Fall of a Ph.D. Candidacy (six lessons learned the hard way), Anthony R. Vanchieri, 8/97:34

The Paper Chase, Take Two (balancing family, work and study in mid-career), Stephen J. Bistritz, 8/97:40

Academics & Adventure Overseas (international opportunities for women in the mathematical sciences and engineering), Anna Nagurney and Margaret M. Wiecek, 8/97:44


Trends in Computing Technology (survey of interesting developments), Matthew J. Saltzman, 12/95:32

Simulation Software Semantics (rhetoric of "easy-to-use" software), Jerry Banks, 12/95:38

Right on Schedule (finding the perfect scheduling system), Javad Seyed, 12/95:42

Mining for OR (data mining), Michel Manago and Eric Auriol, 2/96:28

Optimal Production Planning (decision support systems), Javad Seyed, 4/96:56

Interpreting Simulation Software, Jerry Banks, 6/96:74

A Second Look At Simulation (non-traditional uses of simulation software), Jerry Banks, Van Norman, 8/96:55

Object-Oriented Approach (O-O offers potential savings), Jerry A. Levassuer, 8/96:65

Winter Simulation Conference (premier forum on practice and theory), James R. Wilson, 8/96:68

Spreadsheets: Weighing the Pros and Cons (30 million users tip the scales), Sam Savage, 2/97:42

Spreadsheet Tutorial, Donald R. Plane, 2/97:50

Digging for Value in a Mountain of Data (data mining), Stephen Pass, 10/97:24

Optimization on the Internet (NEOS project connects users of optimization technology), Joseph Czyzyk, Jonathan H. Owen and Stephen J. Wright, 10/97:48

Energy & the Environment

Northern Exportation (Trans-Alaska Gas System), Bill McHugh, 6/95:28

The Road Not Taken (transportation of HAZMAT in Canada), Erhan Erkut, 12/96:22

Energy vs. the Environment (exploring tradeoffs with OR), Benjamin F. Hobbs, 12/96:30

Gas Model Engine (modeling North American natural gas market), Steven A. Gabriel, 12/96:34

Sophisticated Crude Transportation (advances in petroleum supply modeling), Emmanuel D. Chajakis, 12/97:30

Health Care, Service & Retail Sector

Diagnosing the Real Health Care Villain (flawed information system), Douglas A. Samuelson, 2/95:26

Special Delivery (complex postal problems), Michael D. Lasky and C. Teo Balbach, 12:96:38

Profit Navigation (models chart path for retailers to maximize profits through product mix management), Vitaly Pyrih, 12/97:40

International OR

Different Worlds, Different OR (OR in developing countries), Nitin R. Patel, 6/95:36

China Syndrome (applying OR in China), David F. Pyke, 6/96:24

Changing Tides (deregulation of Greek coastal shipping), Harilaos N. Psaraftis, 6/96:30

In-Country OR (Singapore develops own OR), Sim Cheng Hwee, Khoong Chan Meng, 6/96:36

Looking Up Down Under (management solutions in Australia), Miles G. Nicholls, 6/96:40

OR vs. Oracle (HIV/AIDS care in Tanzania), Steffen Flessa, 6/96:44

'FORWARD' with OR (Dutch Ministry of Transport), Richard Hillestad, Warren E. Walker, et al., 6/96:52

Try the Future Now (modeling U.K. organizations), Bob Scott, 6/96:58

Management, Finance & Business

The Virtual Workplace, Paul Gray, 8/95:22

The Virtual Society, Paul Gray and Magid Igbaria, 12:96:44

Money Matters (financial services industry attracts OR's best and brightest), C.S. Venkatakrishnan, 4/97:28

It's Cool, But Is It Worthwhile? (Measuring the benefits of technological upgrades), Douglas A. Samuelson, 12/97:36

Manufacturing and Chemical Industries

Inventory vs. Information (information is key to materials handling), Doug A. Samuelson, 6/95:40

Catalyst for Change (industry undergoes a major transformation in the way it operates), Barbara J. Sompak and Scott C. Nyland, 8/95:40

Inventory Management Engine (relationship among key drivers), Alex Bangash, Herbert B. Shulman and Donald R. Smith, 2/96:34

Shape Up, Ship Out (manufacturing strategy for IBM), Gerald Feigin, Chae An, Daniel Connors, Ian Crawford, 4/96:24

Strengthening Weak Links (supply chain management), Gerald W. Cleaves, Vladimir A. Masch, 4/96:32

The Optimization Engine That Couldn't (model built to drive the manufacturing planning function at AT&T is abruptly shelved), Moshe Rosenwein, 8/97:26


Virtual Shopping (new tool for consumer research), Raymond R. Burke, 8/95:28

Charting Untamed Markets (estimating the market for new, high-tech products), Barry L. Bayus, 8/95:36

Franklin Mint's Famous AMOS (direct response marketer employs cutting-edge promotion selection system), Jacob Zahavi, 10/95:18

Ringing Up Big Business (call center industry), Vijay Mehrotra, 8/97:18


Information Age Warfare, Bruce W. Fowler and Donald R. Peterson, 4/97:34


Electronic Society (INFORMS Online), James C. Bean and ManMohan S. Sodhi, 2/95:58

Relevant Research (Applying decision analysis to R&D), Robert R. Bordley, 4/95:38

Keys to the White House (predicting presidential elections), Doug Samuelson, 10/96:28

Robert Herman Remembered (OR pioneer), Denos C. Gazis, 4/97:26

Public Policy

Genes, Race, IQ and 'The Bell Curve' (analysis of controversial best-seller), Arnold Barnett, 2/95:18

Dealing with the U.S. Drug Problem (creating an informed drug policy), Jonathan P. Caulkins, 2/95:32

Beyond the Fear (policies to combat youth violence), Alfred Blumstein, 4/95:32

Why are Public Budgets Such a Mess?, Harold Pollack, 2/96:20

Budgeting for Planning & Control, Richard Sansing, 2/96:24

Affirmative Analysis (affirmative action), Peter R. Horner, 4/96:46

Color-Blind Policies Not Enough (affirmative action), Jonathan Caulkins, 8/96:25

Building Equal Opportunity on Firmer Footing (affirmative action), Arnold Barnett, 8/96:28

View From the Ivory Tower (affirmative action), Harold Pollack, 8/96:34

Resizing the Federal Government , David S.C. Chu, 8/96:38

Sense and Sensitivity Analysis (modeling illicit drug economy, related crimes and punishment), Jonathan Caulkins, 12/97:24

Sports & Leisure

The "Real" Mythical Football Champ (neural network approach ranks Penn State No. 1), Rick L. Wilson, 10/95:24

Putting Around with Stats (golf analysis), Lucius J. Riccio, 4/96:38

Battle of the Wits (Knowledge Bowl), Saul Gass, 8/96:42

Teaching & Education

The Case for Teaching Cases (business students learn from real-world practice cases), Peter R. Horner, 10/95:30

New Approaches to Management Science, Stephen G. Powell, 10/96:40

Integrating the Web and a College Curriculum, Michael Bartolacci, 10/96:46

Managing to Teach Consulting, Yasemin Aksoy, 10/96:48

2014: An Education Odyssey, Paul Penfield and Richard C. Larson, 10/96:50

Mission: (Not) Impossible (teaching grad-level OR to military analysts), Lt. Col. Jack Kloeber Jr., 2/97:26

The Problem with Optimal (why OR/MS belongs in business school curricula), Francis J. Clauss, 2/97:32

OR/MS vs. MBAs (Report of INFORMS Business School Education Task Force), 2/97:36

Software Reviews

Open Plan, David McClure, 2/95:62

Resampling Stats, Wanda Rosa-Hatko, 4/95:72

Cost Benefit Effectiveness (CBE), Javad Seyed, 4/95:75

CurveFit 1, O. Karl Mann, 6/95:64

Criterium Decision Plus, Martha A. Centeno, 8/95:62

What's Best!, Susan W. Palocsay, 10/95:46

NETWK, Joan M. Donohue, 12/95:46

Manage Pro, David McClure, 2/96:38

Scientific Workplace, Thomas G. Groleau, 4/96:60

Expert Choice, Abel A. Fernandez, 8/96:80

MATLAB, John J. Hutchinson, 10/96:66

ModelMaker, Anthony R. Vanchieri, 12/96:65

NeuralWorks Predict, Suleiman K. Kassicieh, Thomas L. Paez and Guatam Vora, 2/97:68

@Risk, Sam O. Sugiyama and Jeffrey W. Chow, 4/97:68

TK Solver Release 3.0, Jerry Allison, 8/97:58

Sibyl/Runner, Andrew Flitman, 10/97:52

ModelQuest Expert 1.0, Ashutosh V. Deshmukh, 12/97:44

Software Surveys

Nonlinear Programming, Stephen G. Nash, 4:95:60

Algebraic Modeling Languages, Ramesh Sharda and Gayatri Rampal, 6/95:58

Simulation, James J. Swain, 8/95:64

Linear Programming, Ramesh Sharda, 10/95:64

Number Crunching (Statistics), James J. Swain, 2/96:42

Aiding Insight II (Decision Analysis), Dennis Buede, 8/96:73

Forecasting, Jack Yurkiewicz, 12/96:70

Spreadsheet Add-Ins, Sam Savage, 2/97:46

Linear Programming, Robert Fourer, 4/97:54

On the Road to Efficiency (vehicle routing), Randolph W. Hall and Janice G. Partyka, 6/97:38

Simulation Goes Mainstream (simulation), James J. Swain, 10/97:35


Getting Connected, ManMohan S. Sodhi, 8/96:10

Avenues for Information, Sodhi, 10/96:16

Avenues for Information: A Case Study, Sodhi, 12/96:14

Designing a Virtual Electronic Communities, Sodhi, 2/97:12

Designing Virtual Electronic Communities for OR/MS &endash; Part II, Sodhi, 4/97.14

Create Your Own Web Site, Sodhi, 6/97:12

Sharing, Coordinating Internal Information With the Web, Sodhi, 8/97:10

Survey of Logistics Web Sites, Sodhi, 10/97:12

Looking for a Few Good People, Sodhi, 12/97:12

Issues in Education

Become an INFORMED Member, Erhan Erkut, 8/96:12

Software Decisions, Wayne L. Winston, 10/96:10

Promote Active Learning During Lectures, Judith S. Liebman, 12/96:8

Lego of My Simplex, Norman Pendegraft, 2/97:8

Marketing Operations Research, Ellen S. Jordan, 4/97:10

Positioning the OR/MS Core Course, Peter Bell, 6/97:8

Students Sink Their Teeth into Fun LP Problems, Nicola Petty, 8/97:8

End-User Modeling, Tom Grossman, 10/97:10

Leading the Spreadsheet Revolution, Steven G. Powell, 12/97:8


Negative Feedback, Douglas A. Samuelson, 8/95:12

Capture the Flag, Samuelson, 12/95:8

Sacred Myths, Samuelson, 2/96:12

Blue Birds, Samuelson, 4/96:10

Culture at Crossroads, Samuelson, 6/96:16

The Swimmer's Parable, Samuelson, 8/96:14

Lionheart's Parable, Samuelson, 10/96:14

Beatitudes and Blessings, Samuelson, 12/96:10

Within Normal Limits, Samuelson, 2/97:10

Up and Out, Use or Lose, Samuelson, 4/97:12

The Art of Waiting, Samuelson, 8/97:14

The Flypaper Report, Samuelson, 10/97:16

Steel Trap Minds, Samuelson, 12/97:16

Practice Lessons

Supply Chain Gang, Peter R. Horner, 2/95:14

Downsizing-Military Style, David Greenfield, 4/95:16

An 'Amazing Ride,' Horner, 6/95:12

The Mother of All OR Problems, Horner, 8/95:14

'IMPReSS'-ive Changes at Harris Corp., Greenfield, 12/95:12

OR Overhaul, Greenfield, 4/96:12

Planning for the Future, Greenfield, 6/96:12

Point-and-Click OR, Greenfield, 8/96:16

OR Boosts AT&T Capital's Leasing Business, Greenfield, 10/96:20

An OR Bridge to the Future, Greenfield, 12/96:16

Rx for U.K. Health Care Woes, Nancy Bistritz, 4/97:18

On Schedule to Succeed, Bistritz, 6/97:16

Taco Bell Finds Recipe for Success, Bistritz, 10/97:20

Author Index


Aksoy, Yasemin, 10/96:48

Allison, Jerry, 8/97:58

An, Chae, 4/96:24

Auriol, Eric, 2/96:28


Balbach, C. Teo, 12:96:38

Bangash, Alex, 2/96:34

Banks, Jerry, 12/95:38; 6/96:74; 8/96:55

Barnett, Arnold, 2/95:18; 8/96:28

Bartolacci, Michael, 10/96:46

Bayus, Barry L., 8/95:36

Bean, James C., 2/95:58

Bistritz, Stephen J., 8/97:40

Bitauld, Patrick, 10/97:30

Blumstein, Alfred, 4/95:32

Bordley, Robert R., 4/95:38

Buede, Dennis, 8/96:73

Burke, Raymond R., 8/95:28


Caulkins, Jonathan P., 2/95:32; 8/96:25; 12/97:24

Centeno, Martha A., 8/95:62

Chajakis, Emmanuel D., 12/97:30

Chow, Jeffrey W., 4/97:68

Chu, David S.C., 8/96:38

Clauss, Francis J., 2/97:32

Cleaves, Gerard, 4/96:32

Connors, Daniel, 4/96:24

Crawford, Ian, 4/96:24

Crowder, Harlan P., 2/97:20

Czyzyk, Joseph, 10/97:48


Deshmukh, Ashutosh V., 12/97:44

Donohue, Joan M., 12/95:46


Erkut, Erhan, 12/96:22


Feigin, Gerald, 4/96:24

Fernandez, Abel A., 8/96:80

Flessa, Steffen, 6/96:44

Flitman, Andrew, 10/97:52

Fourer, Robert, 4/97:54

Fowler, Bruce W., 4/97:34


Gabriel, Steven A., 12/96:34

Gass, Saul, 8/96:42

Gazis, Denos C., 4/97:26

Gray, Douglas A., 6/97:28

Gray, Paul, 8/95:22; 12:96:44

Groleau, Thomas G., 4/96:60


Hall, Randolph W., 6/97:38

Hillestad, Richard, 6/96:52

Hobbs, Benjamin F., 12/96:30

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Hutchinson, John J., 10/96:66

Hwee, Sim Cheng, 6/96:36


Igbaria, Magid, 12:96:44


Jacobs, Richard A., 6/97:32


Kassicieh, Suleiman K., 2/97:68

Kloeber Jr., Jack, 2/97:26


Larson, Richard C., 10/96:50

Lasky, Michael D., 12:96:38

Levassuer, Jerry A., 8/96:65


Machol, Robert E., 6/95:22; 10/96:32

Manago, Michel, 2/96:28

Mann, O. Karl, 6/95:64

Masch, Vladimir, 4/96:32

McClure, David, 2/95:62; 2/96:38

McFadden, Kathleen L., 8/97:30

McHugh, Bill, 6/95:28

Mehrotra, Vijay, 8/97:18

Meng, Khoong Chan, 6/96:36


Nagurney, Anna, 8/97:44

Nash, Stephen G., 4:95:60

Nicholls, Miles G., 6/96:40

Norman, Van, 8/96:55

Nyland, Scott C., 8/95:40


Owen, Jonathan H., 10/97:48


Paez, Thomas L., 2/97:68

Palocsay, Susan W., 10/95:46

Partyka, Janice G., 6/97:38

Pass, Stephen, 10/97:24

Patel, Nitin R., 6/95:36

Penfield, Paul, 10/96:50

Peterson, Donald R., 4/97:34

Plane, Donald R., 2/97:50

Pollack, Harold, 2/96:20; 8/96:34

Powell, Stephen G., 10/96:40

Psaraftis, Harilaos N., 6/96:30

Pyke, David F., 6/96:24

Pyrih, Vitaly, 12/97:40


Rampal, Gayatri, 6/95:58

Riccio, Lucius J., 4/96:38

Rosa-Hatko, Wanda, 4/95:72

Rosenwein, Moshe, 8/97:26


Saltzman, Matthew J., 12/95:32

Samuelson, Douglas A., 2/95:26; 6/95:40; 4/96:42; 10/96:28; 6/97:33; 12/97:36

Sansing, Richard, 2/96:24

Savage, Sam, 2/97:42

Scott, Bob, 6/96:58

Seyed, Javad, 12/95:42; 4/96:56

Sharda; Ramesh, 6/95:58; 10/95:64

Shulman, Herbert B., 2/96:34

Smith, Donald R., 2/96:34

Sodhi, ManMohan S., 2/95:58

Sompak, Barbara J., 8/95:40

Sugiyama, Sam O., 4/97:68

Swain, James J., 8/95:64; 2/96:42; 10/97:35


Tohamy, Noha, 12/95:24

Totten, Louise, 12/95:24


Vanchieri, Anthony R., 12/96:65; 4/97:38; 8/97:34

Venkatakrishnan, C.S., 4/97:28

Vora, Guatam, 2/97:68


Walker, Warren E., 6/96:52

Wiecek, Margaret M. 8/97:44

Wilson, James R., 8/96: 68

Wilson, Rick L. 10/95:24

Wright, Stephen J. 10/97:48


Yurkiewicz, Jack, 12/96:70


Zahavi, Jacob, 10/95:18

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