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April 2014



The current issue of ORMS Today is now available in "digital magazine" format. Click on the cover image to the left, or go to orms-today.com/digital, and enjoy a new online reading experience.

UPDATE 4/4/14: Wide World of O.R. — The 17th annual special international issue of OR/MS Today once again turns the spotlight on interesting applications of operations research beyond the U.S. borders. This year's featured international applications range from the forests of Argentina to the farmlands of Bavaria in Germany, but the issue begins with a truly international and universal concern: public health, pandemics and associated response logistics.

Authors Mario Ventresca and Dionne Aleman note that, "public health is poised to reap the benefits of data mining technologies," and they propose an innovative approach to the problem: analyzing social networks with combinations of data mining, optimization and network science to uncover promising pandemic mitigation strategies.

Featured in the April issue:
  • O.R & Natural Resources Management Applying forestry models in Argentina demonstrates huge potential for operations research in resource-rich Latin America. [OPEN ACCESS]

  • Cluster Optimization Operations research approach solves farmland conundrum in Bavaria and other real-world problems. [MEMBERS ONLY ARTICLE]

  • Croatian Operational Research Society Since its founding in 1992, relatively small but active organization has made its mark with conferences, journals and more. [MEMBERS ONLY ARTICLE]

  • EURO Faces 40 An inside look at the past, present and future of the Association of European Operational Research Societies. [MEMBERS ONLY ARTICLE]

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