OR/MS Today Software Surveys

UPDATE 12/18/15:
OR/MS Today is about to publish its biennial Vehicle Routing Software Survey. Vendors of vehicle routing programs are encourged to submit listings of their products — absolutely free! For details on how to participate contact Aileen Kronke at aileen@lionhrtpub.com. To see the current edition of the Vehicle Routing Software Survey go to, http://www.orms-today.org/surveys/Vehicle_Routing/vrss.html.


        Linear Programming - 6/8/15

Statistical - 2/12/15

Decision Analysis - 10/9/14

Forecasting - 6/6/14

Vehicle Routing - 2/12/14

Spreadsheet Add-ins - 8/13/10

Supply Chain Management - 6/14/03

Nonlinear Programming - 6/2/98

OR/MS Today surveys compile vendor-supplied information into easy-to-read matrices, to allow for quick comparison of features, and also include vendor directories to allow you to contact specific suppliers.

Selected information from some surveys, including some information not available in the magazines, is available on this web site.

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