OR/MS Today, October 2014

Decision Analysis Software Survey

The information in this survey was provided by the vendors in response to a questionnaire developed by the OR/MS Today staff. The survey should not be considered as comprehensive, but rather as a representation of available Decision Analysis packages.

If you know of a Decision Analysis package that is not in the survey, please contact Patton McGinley at (770) 431-0867, ext. 214 or e-mail patton@lionhrtpub.com. It will be included in the online version.

UPDATE 11/13/15: Added 1000Minds from 1000Minds Ltd.

The survey is divided into fifteen separate tables and a vendor list. Following is an index of the pages and the information they contain:

Page 1
  • Vendors
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Unix, specify flavors of Unix, other operating systems

    Page 2
  • Applications: Best option using multiple objectives, Representation / analysis of uncertainty, Representation / analysis of probabilistic dependencies, Risk aversion, Sequential decision making, Portfolio decision making, Multiple stakeholders collaboration

    Page 3
  • Software Features: Interfaces to other software: Import (database, spreadsheet), Export (presentation graphics), Export (model to MS Excel), XML, API (embedded decision support)

    Page 4
  • Software Features (continued): Limited use (Run-time) version for those without the SW?; Can model segments be copied?; Can model segments be moved easily?; Can model structure be displayed on screen?; Can model structure be printed?

    Page 5
  • Software Features (continued): Can user protect data from other users?; Can user protect model structure and formulae?

    Page 6
  • Software Features (continued): Does the software support explicitly group elicitation?; If yes, will it support decentralized elicitation? If yes, will it support simultaneous data input?; If yes, does it support simultaneous viewing?; If yes, is a record of model evolution kept?

    Page 7
  • Decision Algorithms Implemented: MODA / MAUT; AHP; Other

    Page 8
  • Pricing Information: Commercial, Education, Enhanced/High Performance

    Page 9
  • Availability of graphical elicitation techniques: Model structure / Brainstorming, Value functions / scores, Value weights, Probabilities, Risk preference

    Page 10
  • Availability of graphical elicitation techniques (continued): Swing weight methods, Can probabilities or weights be defined as operable variables?, Can the tool generate strategy tables?, Can the user document structure or judgments with text?

    Page 11
  • Types of output displays and analyses charts: Are graphical sensitivity analyses possible on either weights or probabilities?, Can analytical results be portrayed graphically?, Can the tool produce Expected Value Tornado Diagrams?, Does the software support two-way sensitivity analysis?, Does the software determine value of imperfect information?

    Page 12
  • Traning classes offered: Vendor; 3rd Party; Classroom; Online

    Page 13
  • Features not explicitly stated above that support decision analysis
  • New features since October 2010

    Page 14
  • Specific industries or market segments in which the software tool is more popular
  • Specific applications for which software is most widely used?

    Page 15
  • Comments

    Vendor List
  • Vendor Contact Information

    The survey appeared in the October 2014 issue of OR/MS Today. To order a copy of this issue, contact Customer Service at 770-431-0867, ext. 224 or send e-mail to: csr@lionhrtpub.com.

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