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The information in this survey was provided by the vendors in response to a questionnaire developed by James J. Swain. The survey should not be considered as comprehensive, but rather as a representation of available statistical packages. Questionnaires were sent to vendors drawn from previous survey participants, the OR/MS Today database and other sources. It includes the products of those vendors who responded by the deadline. If you know of a statistical package that is not in this survey, please contact Patton McGinley at (770) 431-0867, ext. 214 or e-mail them to patton@lionhrtpub.com. They will be included in an online version.

Be sure to read the accompanying article.

The survey is broken down into nine separate tables (plus a vendor contact list) for easier downloading and viewing:

Table 1:
Software Description
Year First Version was Released
Targeted Market

Table 2:
Operating Systems:
PC/Windows (Win7), PC/Windows (97, NT), PC/Windows (Win10), PC/Linux, UNIX, Mac OS, Other OS (specify)

Table 3:
Import Formats, Export Formats

Table 4:
Online Help/Tutorials, EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis), Data Edit/Transformation, Graphics, Dynamic Graphics (plot linking, data brushing), Tables, Descriptive Statistics, Distribution Fitting

Table 5:
Tools (continued):
Nonparametric Statistics, Power/Sample Size Comp., Quality & Process Capability, Six Sigma, ANOVA/GLIM, DOE (Design of Experiments), Response Surface Methods, Response Optimization, Regression Fitting

Table 6:
Tools (continued):
Regression Selection, Logistic Regression, Nonlinear Regression, Time Series/Forecasting, Multivariate Statistics, Clustering/Classification

Table 7:
Tools (continued):
Reliability/Survival Analysis, Data/Database Management, Data Mining, CART, Resampling/Monte Carlo, Link to programming language (e.g., C++, R, etc.), Machine Learning

Table 8:
Pricing Information:
Commercial - Single Machine & Site, Educational - Single Machine & Site, Demo/Student - Single Machine & Site

Table 9:
Comments/New Features

Vendor List:
Software vendor contact information

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