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2003 Supply Chain Management Software Survey

The information in the survey that follows was provided by the vendors in response to a questionnaire developed by Tulane Consortium for Supply Chain Management. The survey should not be considered as comprehensive, but rather as a representation of available SCM packages. Questionnaires were sent to vendors drawn from various Web sources. It includes the products of those vendors who responded by the deadline.

The survey is broken down into 13 separate pages, as well as a table of functions cross-tabbed by methodology and a vendor contact directory:

Page 1:
  • Year Product Introduced
    Platforms Supported: Windows 2000, Windows NT, Unix, Mac/Mac OSX, Web, Other (specify)
    Page 2:
  • Recommended Hardware: Processor Speed, Memory, Hard Disk Space
    Page 3:
  • Price Information: Single Site License, What Does License Fee Include?, Installation Support Cost: ($/hour), Typical Support Hours Needed for Installation
    Page 4:
  • Industry Specifications: Industry Specific?, Which Industry(ies)?
  • Target Company Size: Small, Medium, Large
    Page 5:
  • ERP Software Specifications: Does Your Company Sell ERP Software?, Is Your Software Compatible with Other ERP Software?, Which ERP Software is it Compatible with?, Does the Software Allow Customization?
    Page 6:
  • Methodology Used by Software: Auctions, Automatic Replenishment, Benchmarking, Contracts, Cross-Docking, Customer Relationship Management.
    Page 7:
  • Methodology Used by Software (continued): Cycle Time Reduction, Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP), E-Commerce, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Environmental / Green Concerns
    Page 8:
  • Methodology Used by Software (continued): E-Procurement, Facility Location, Forecasting, Inventory Management, Just-in-Time (JIT) Deliveries, Logistics Management
    Page 9:
  • Methodology Used by Software (continued): Logistics Provider Development, Logistics Provider Selection / Evaluation, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Negotiation, Order Processing, Pick & Pack
    Page 10:
  • Methodology Used by Software (continued): Point-of-Sale (POS) Transactions, Postponement, Production Scheduling, Productivity Analysis, Profitability Analysis, Reverse Logistics
    Page 11:
  • Methodology Used by Software (continued): Supply Chain Network Design, Supplier Development, Supplier Selection / Evaluation, Supply Management, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Tracking & Tracing
    Page 12:
  • Methodology Used by Software (continued): Transportation, Vehicle Routing, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Other
    Page 13:
  • # Companies Using Software / % of Industry Specific Companies
  • Significant Installations
    Table of functions cross-tabbed by methodology
    Vendor List:
  • Software vendor contact information
  • Be sure to read the companion article to this survey: "Supply Chain Managment" by Yasemin Aksoy and Ana Derbez

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